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Corporate Services Offered

Commissioning and Sourcing Contemporary Art for the Workplace

Selecting and placing good contemporary artwork on the office walls can be a relatively low cost, yet effective way of creating visual interest and stimulation, which can provide that feel good factor in an office.

Traditionally office artwork, like office furniture, just needed to be suitable for the purpose, functional and not too expensive.

Now, in a post-Covid world, many businesses are reassessing their office space requirements.


With many people still working from home or going back to the office just for a number of days, being in the workplace takes on a more purposeful meaning - to meet clients, colleagues or other objectives.


So exactly what are the potential benefits of placing art or starting an art collection in the workplace?


  • Practical and simple: art decorates the office. This is its’ most basic function.

  • Promotion and reinforcement of organisation's  culture, vision, standards and aims - support marketing efforts

  • Contemporary art can promote debate, and improve communication within the office and improve teambuilding efforts and stimulates thought. This in turn improves staff retention and saves money.

  • The artwork chosen can be an investment in tangible fixed assets. Use art to re-invest into the business. Why not look into buying a few well chosen pieces by established artists and start a corporate collection.

  • The fifth benefit of putting art in the office is an intangible one. Through purchasing art from a living artist the company can build goodwill amongst employees, clients and the wider community.

Click here to see 'The Impact of Art in the Workplace' (as featured in Forbes Magazine) research on the National Arts Program website.


Having recognised the potential benefit of art in the workplace, how does a Company go about buying it?


We at Zimmer Stewart Gallery can offer impartial advice and also source a wide range of artists work (and not necessarily just those represented on this website).

What we do:

  • Meet with you to understand your needs (both in terms of budget and spaces)

  • Source individual or a selection or works - for sale or rental

  • Commission unique pieces if required

  • Pop-Exhibitions/Events

  • Arrange artist talks for clients or employees

Contact us to find out how we can help you with just one piece or several.

Nick Bodimeade paintings at a dental practice

Case Studies:

(text in orange are links to more detailed case studies)

New London Medical Centre - Source and select eighteen paintings by six emerging artists for Art Rental over six floors of a new prestigious London medical centre.

HM Govt Cabinet Office - Supply a number of framed prints for the House of Lords art collection.

Dental Practice - Supply a number of original paintings for their reception area and organise an artist talk for clients.

NHS Conference Centre - The brief included rationalising & rehanging their own collection of paintings, prints and photographs as well as the commission of four large scale original paintings to create a coherent sense of space.

Business Hub Pop-Up Exhibition - Present a two-week exhibition of 30 paintings by six established artists in the reception area and ground floor of a large multi-occupancy business hub. We also worked with the local sixth form college to incorporate some of their work as well as organise a 'Masterclass' afternoon with several of the professional artists talking to the sixth form students.

Art Buyer's Guide: Welcome
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