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  • James Stewart

Placing Art in a Dental Practice in Sussex

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

In 2016 a dental practice in Sussex purchased one large painting for the reception area of their dental practice direct from the gallery. 

The piece chosen was from Nick Bodimeade's Sussex B-Road series, oil on canvas 105 x 120 cm.

The client then returned and purchased a further five smaller paintings from the same series of works all ranging from 30 x 40 cm to 40 x 45 cm in size.

Then finally they purchased a further large piece from the series later in 2017.

Initially the client purchased the first piece to decorate the area their clients see first, they wanted to set their practice apart from others. In addition to the painting they had arranged seating that would look equally good in an interior designed living room, with a bookcase covering an entire wall containing objects as well as books.

James Stewart said "They found that the artwork served more than just decoration, it also calmed down patients before treatment. As they were waiting they did not feel as though they were in a dentist's waiting room and this helped them prepare for seeing their dentist."

As a result the additional paintings were purchased for other areas, including a corridor leading to various clinic and treatment rooms.

In December 2017 the client held a reception for their clients and asked the artist, Nick Bodimeade to present a talk on his work and his approach to it.

The reception was well attended and our client was very pleased to have been able to offer this additional "perk" for their clients, who in turn now see their dentist in a new, positive light. 

Both the paintings and the artist talk supported the culture of this contemporary dental practice and the image they wished to project. 


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