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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find your Terms and Conditions?

We have a single page which sets out all our Terms and Conditions. This covers both purchases from the gallery and our online store, privacy and cookies. If you do not agree to these terms, you may not use this site.

When are you open?

With effect from November 2020 we no longer have a permanent gallery space, clients can still view works online as now, and request 'View at Home' (within London and South East). 


We will be open during our occasional 'pop-ups' or by appointment at our store room in Arundel.

Contact us to see if we will be open for your visit.


See our Exhibitions page to find out more about future pop-ups, or sign up to our Newsletters to receive regular artist, exhibition and gallery news. 

Do you have testimonials from clients?

Yes, we have a Testimonials page on our website which includes a few testimonials from clients and other art professionals. See a selection of these on the bottom of our Home page.

Can I see works from previous exhibitions?

Generally we hold a few unsold works from previous exhibitions in our store room for a few months following each exhibition. We also hold works on hand continually for some artists who show regularly with us.


Have a look at our Artists page and if you like one or more works, get in touch and we will let you know which works we have to show you by that artist.


Are you looking for new artists?

We have a full list of artists whose work we try to exhibit at our occasional pop-ups or sometimes virtually.

Our pop up exhibitions are planned over this period, but we do occasionally invite an artist to submit works for our mixed exhibitions.

If you would like us to consider your work, please do not bring works unannounced to the gallery, but send us an email with a link to your website, or images and a cv/resume/statement.


Can I buy artwork from you online?

Yes, we have an extensive Editions Shop, Ceramics Shop and Bookshop


This has several sections covering original prints, sculpture editions, artist deluxe editions, rare/signed artist books & cards.

All items listed in our online shop can also be bought from the gallery, or over the telephone.

How do online sales get processed?

When you select and order an item from our online store, we receive the request immediately and then will contact you to arrange payment by credit/debit card or bank transfer.

Once payment has been confirmed we then despatch the artwork to you or hold it at the gallery for collection.


What is an Original Print?

An Original Print or editioned Artist print is an image produced as a multiple, where the Artist works uniquely on the printable surface of the medium, i.e. a lithograph or etching plate, a silkscreen, piece of wood or lino and so on.

An Artist Print is not usually a large editioned photographic reproduction of an existing image for example a painting. 

Points to note: the smaller the edition number the better; that the artist has worked with a reputable artist printmaker in the making of an image; that the image has been published by a reputable print dealer; that the print is printed on good acid free paper. 

Collecting editioned works on paper can be seen as a way of buying a beautiful image by an artist who might already be too expensive to invest in for a one off painting.

Many Artists make prints not only because they can be a wonderfully liberating medium to make work in, but also because they are consciously making their work accessible to a wider public.

See also our Blog post on Original Prints, which goes into this in more detail.

You can see the wide range of original prints we stock by a number of artists in our online shop.


How should I start a contemporary art collection?

We have prepared an Art Buyers Guide which sets out many of the things you should look out for when starting or adding to your collection.

Can you manage my wedding/birthday/special occasion gift list?

Yes, we provide you with a bespoke page for your wedding, birthday, retirement or any other group contributing to the purchase of art.


There your friends, family or colleagues can see what you would like to buy, and most importantly how to contribute.

We then summarise all the contributions for you.

Do you supply artworks to companies?

Yes, we can provide a full source and selection service to businesses wanting to start or build a contemporary art collection or merely to find a statement piece for their reception area.

We believe that well placed art in the workplace can support existing branding efforts as well as delighting clients and act as a talking point for employees.

Can I rent a painting rather than buy?

Yes, we can provide an Art Rental Service.


This is provided with the consent of the artist, who retains ownership of the artwork.


Where can I stay in Arundel?

You can also see a wide range of Arundel Accommodation (inc hotels, B&B's, self catering) on the Visit Arundel website.

Note that this website also has details of events in Arundel as well to help you plan your visit.

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