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  • James Stewart

Start of a new era

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

After 17 years and about 140 exhibitions showing the work of countless emerging and established contemporary artists at our current Arundel address we are pleased to announce some changes at Zimmer Stewart.

With effect from 30 October 2020 we will move from our current gallery space in Arundel and go online only with occassional  pop-ups.

What will this mean for you, our clients?

  1. We will still work with the Artists we have worked with for some years. You will be able to see and enquire about current works on their pages on our website.  

  2. Our "view at home" service continues and so we can bring works to you to view at your convenience (within London and the South East).

  3. Our online Editions Shop is available to view and buy directly a full range of editions, both prints and sculpture.

  4. We have added two further online offerings: for Ceramics & Studio Pottery and Artist Books.

  5. We plan to develop the three virtual 'galleries' further over time to add more works and refine the content to fit your needs. 

  6. Since we took part in the London Print Fair in 2009 we have always enjoyed doing pop-ups and art fairs both in London and other places. So starting in Spring 2021 we plan to continue this and have some exciting plans already 'in the works'.

  7. Our periodic Newsletters will become monthly instead of the current bi-monthly. 

Since we opened again in June 2020 we have greatly missed doing Private Views. As soon as possible we would like to restart these, since they are a great opportunity for us to meet clients as well as your chance to meet artists to discuss their work. See above from our 2017 Terry Frost Arundel Festival Exhibition called ‘Colour Studies’

Our plans for 2021 currently include pop-ups in and around Arundel, as well as potentially London. Of course it all depends on how long the current Covid pandemic carries on with the necessary restrictions on how we can operate. We love events (see some of these in our Video Channel), and as mentioned above we want to hold private views, but also artist talks as well as other presentations for you, our clients.

We also hope to put on more exhibitions in office spaces, as we did above at The Hub, Farnborough Business Centre. This enables us to bring art to people at work to demonstrate how well placed contemporary art can bring benefits to businesses.

Research shows that the introduction of artwork in the workplace reduces stress, increases creativity and encourages thought-provoking conversations, and that certainly happened at Farnborough. Katy Marlow from Farnborough Business park said "The pop-up gallery provided occupiers a reason to step away from their desk and busy workloads, to take some important time out and browse the artwork on display."

See "The Impact of Art in the Workplace" by Karen Higginbottom in Forbes Magazine, May 2019. 

Our first exhibition in May 2003 was to exhibit sculpture (Crosses) by Keith Milow alongside visual symbolist paintings by Darrell Harrison. The shopfront looked very different then, as did the inside. We were very inexperienced, but with the help of many of our first supporters, clients and artists we got through the first year, and carried on growing in the years that followed.

John Zimmer and I (James Stewart) will have mixed feelings about leaving the gallery, which was also our home. There are so many memories entrenched in these walls.

However, a new era beckons for Zimmer Stewart and a new age for retail and art galleries in particular.

We are looking forward to facing these challenges and taking advantage of the new opportunities that come our way.

If you would like to find out more about these changes or let us have your feedback, then please contact the gallery. Both John Zimmer and I would love to hear from you!


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