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Here you can scroll through an archive of gallery views and artist interviews, as well as a few performances, both spoken word and music that have taken place at the gallery over the years.


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Afternoon Play by Jonathan Joubert - June 2014
James Stewart

Afternoon Play by Jonathan Joubert - June 2014

Synopsis: The characters in “Afternoon Play” are mother and son, or a series of mothers and sons. Jonathan Joubert merely provides us, the viewers, with the play's title and a couple of possible scenarios. How the characters interact and the story evolves is up to us. First Act: Scene 1 Early Summer. Afternoon. The remote and vast ruins of an ancient villa on a cliff edge overlooking the sea. Several characters gather in its large and meticulously kept courtyard garden where some fountains play. There is music, something electronic, Japanese synth pop, very lightly and waves can be heard crashing faintly in the distance. [Oil on gessoed linen laid over board. 60 x 40cm Painted bronze figure. Oil on gessoed plinth.] First Act: Scene 2 Two Mothers in heated discussion by a fountain. A Son listens on furtively. [Various materials including neon gas, glass, oil on board. Diptych - each panel 122 x 90 cm] Cast Includes: Above left – Enter the Mother – Schemer, oil on gessoed linen laid over board 70 x 50 cm Above right – Enter the Son – Young Faun, oil on gessoed linen laid over board 60 x 40 cm A principal concern in Joubert’s work is “Time” and the challenge of rendering the expanse of human history. Part of this exploration for Joubert has always contained the portrait, the human face as a repository for anxieties, evidence of the passage of time and a site of psychic trauma. Jonathan Joubert says "Working from busts and sculptures from European antiquity I try to presume character, perhaps the same way as some archaeological reconstruction artists. Each drawing and painting undergoes a long process where eventually a new face emerges. Very little evidence of the original reference remains in my final rendering. A rendering that I hope is haunted by that vast distance in time, but one that also answers my own concerns about lineage and cultural inheritance." James Stewart, gallery director says “We showed Jonathan Joubert’s work in 2005-6 before his MA, and so are pleased to see how the work has developed since his two years at the Royal College of Art” Jonathan Joubert has studied at Chelsea College of Art, Central St Martins College of Art (Byam Shaw) and graduated with an MA in Fine Art Painting at The Royal College of art in 2011. He was awarded the OUTSET studio award on graduation in 2011.”
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