True Love Always Wins by Tracey Emin

True Love Always Wins by Tracey Emin

A framed four colour lithograph on Somerset 300 gsm velvet white paper, produced by Pauper Press in 2016. 


Edition of 300, 76 x 60 cm, signed, numbered and dated by the artist.


True Love Always Wins was created to celebrate Team GB’s participation in the 2016 Olympic Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Tracey’s lithograph features Rio’s iconic statue Christ The Redeemer. The snaking mountain road symbolises the winding journey to achieve true love, represented by Christ’s outstretched arms at the summit.


The work carries particular poignancy given Tracey’s recent marriage to a rock: true love may not be what one expects, but it will always prevail. 


True Love Always Wins encapsulates the optimism and positive energy that drives Team GB athletes and their supporters, and acts as an inspirational statement of hope and faith for all.

  • Details

    Emin's recent lithographs reflect her ongoing commitment to truthful self-observation, both emotional and corporeal.

    The more familiar scratchy, monoprint style has evolved into fluid, fuller lines, and the figure is now more woman than girl.

    Time is making its mark, and having long ago offered herself up as mirror to her life with a particular kind of honesty, her ageing as an artist is something from which there is no turning back.
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