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Leaping Down to Earth: by Robert Vas Dias, T Hammick & S Chambers

Leaping Down to Earth: by Robert Vas Dias, T Hammick & S Chambers

A book of poetry by Robert Vas Dias, illustrated by Stephen Chambers RA and Tom Hammick.

This rare special edition of Leaping Down to Earth (number 8 of 25) is in a fabric slip case, with an original print by each artist made specially for this book, signed and numbered.

Designed by Borja Goyarrola, published by Permanent Press and Pratt Contemporary Art in 2008.
  • Details

    LEAPING DOWN TO EARTH is a response in poetry to twelve pictures, six each by Stephen Chambers and Tom Hammick, all of which are brilliantly reproduced in the book.

    The poems are not about art and don’t describe their images but, as Vas Dias writes in the Preface, “convey what’s on my mind after I’ve lived with the images a while.”

    The design of the book displays the integral connection between poem and image and yet allows each work to stand on its own.

    LEAPING DOWN TO EARTH, writes the poet Lee Harwood, is “a collection of poems that are some of the best Vas Dias has ever written. There’s a wit and liveliness to them that often makes me laugh out loud. But also more serious and moving threads weave through these poems. They can be sexy and funny and also include a subtle understanding of the complexities and struggles in human relationships.”

    Nicholas Usherwood writes in Galleries Magazine: “The call and response between the three of them is edgy, witty and often extremely touching, making this one of the most genuinely satisfying collaborations of its kind I’ve come across.”
  • Tom Hammick Prints for Sale

    We have a number of signed limited edition prints and editions available for sale by Tom Hammick, including woodcut, etching dry point as well as a deluxe edition book with a print.

    You can view them on our website or simply contact us to find out more or to arrange a viewing.

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