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DOG by Holly Frean at Goodwood

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

A Collection of Paintings in Praise of Dogs

28 April to 29 May 2022

Zimmer Stewart Gallery are delighted to present an exhibition of paintings by Holly Frean at The Kennels, Goodwood.

Assembly, diptych, oil on canvas, 304 x 183 cm
Assembly, diptych, oil on canvas, 304 x 183 cm

Holly Frean is known for her quirky, humorous take on the subjects she paints whether it is well known figures from art history, zoological animals or, as in this exhibition, more specifically dogs.

This exhibition will also coincide with ‘Goodwoof’, presented by Mars Petcare, an exciting new event in the Goodwood calendar which takes place at The Kennels on 28-29 May 2022.

Far from a typical dog show, ‘Goodwoof’ will be a grand celebration of all things dog; a unique collection of experiences designed with what dogs love in mind. The Goodwood Estate and the March family have long held dogs in highest esteem, both working and domestic. The original Kennels was purpose-built to house hounds and huntsmen and is now the central clubhouse for the estate’s sporting and social memberships.

The Duke of Richmond and Gordon said of DOG, “We are delighted to welcome Holly Frean to The Kennels over Goodwoof. Holly has an exceptional vision, with her work drawing on the wit and humour that depict our four-legged friends so beautifully, she is perfectly placed to create this brilliant show and help launch the inaugural Goodwoof event this year."

Click on the image above or here to download and read this article on Holly Frean's DOG paintings in the current issue of the Goodwood Magazine.


Click here to view the DOG by Holly Frean at Goodwood illustrated catalogue.

Holly Frean has collaborated with brands as diverse as Paul Smith, Burberry and Anthropologie. Frean's exhibtion ‘DOG’ comprises a collection of new paintings, each one a group of dog portraits, with a focus on the breeds associated with the Goodwood estate and the ancestral portraits within.

Holly Frean says “This will be a collection of paintings in praise of dogs, with a focus on the breeds associated with the Goodwood estate and the ancestral portraits within: Pekingese, Spaniels, Foxhounds.”

The highlight of the exhibition will be two large oil-on-canvas diptychs measuring 10ft x 6ft (304 x 183 cm). The first is ‘Assembly’ (above) showing a mixture of breeds and the second is ‘Dotty’, a large group of dalmatians (below).

Dotty, diptych, oil on canvas, 304 x 183 cm
Dotty, diptych, oil on canvas, 304 x 183 cm

These will be joined by four framed groups, each encompassing 49 individually painted canvases: ‘Labrador’, ‘Poodle’, ‘Hound’ and ‘Lurcher’ (see below).

Two further paintings will include: ‘Glorious’ (below left), celebrating the 2nd Duke’s famous pack of twenty three hunting dogs from 1738, a grid of 24 portraits on individual A6-sized sheets of handmade cotton rag paper (with the 24th sheet being the fox!); and ‘Pack’ (below right) which will show 54 painted spaniels on individual A7-sized sheets of handmade cotton rag paper.

Pack’ celebrates the highlighted breed of the year for the inaugural ‘Goodwoof’ event, Spaniels being most closely associated with the March family at the Goodwood Estate.

In addition, there will be ten further smaller works on paper looking at individual dogs, plus some other works (see below), contact Zimmer Stewart Gallery for further details.

Other works

(Hover over images for titles, click to view as a slideshow)

These works are framed oil on four canvas panels, 34 x 34 cm

These smaller works are all framed monoprint with hand painting in gouache, 46 x 38 cm, and show individual dogs as they are everyday:

A fully illustrated catalogue will accompany the exhibition. All the paintings will be for sale. The Kennels is a members-only club and people wishing to visit the exhibition, who are not members, should contact Zimmer Stewart Gallery, who will arrange entry.

James Stewart, Zimmer Stewart founder/curator, said, “It is a great privilege to be asked to put on an exhibition at The Kennels and I can think of no better artist to be working with than Holly Frean to represent this subject in a contemporary way at the Kennels with all its canine heritage.”

Dogs at Goodwood

The Duke of Richmond & Gordon with his dogs
The Duke of Richmond & Gordon with his dogs

Goodwood has a long heritage of relationships with dogs including hunting, working as well as family pets. Below The current Duke of Richmond and Gordon with the Goodwood Estate hounds, photo by James McNaught for the Telegraph Luxury photo shoot, 2019.

Dogs feature widely in Goodwood family portraits, as well as on their own as with ‘Tapster’ portrait, painted by John Wootton in 1733, hung in the reception area of the Kennels (see below).

In 1697, the first Duke of Richmond established the Charlton Hunt, the world’s first fox hunt, based at the village of the same name and at the same time he purchased Goodwood House.

The ‘Glorious 23’ hunting dogs of 1738 are remembered in the 2nd Duke’s journal, in which he described their 57-mile chase from 7.45am to 5.50pm on Friday, 26 January 1738 as “the greatest chase that ever was.” (see Holly Frean's contemporary depiction of the Glorious 23 above).

Then Charles, the 3rd Duke found his own hunting passion and restarted the pack in 1757. Thirty years later in 1787 the Duke asked famous classical architect, James Wyatt, to build some kennels for his own pack of hounds, now known as The Kennels.

The 5th Duchess was given two the first five Pekingese in the UK following the taking of the Chinese Imperial Palace in 1860, during the 2nd Opium War.


The painting of Tapster in the reception of The Kennels
The painting of Tapster in the reception of The Kennels

Goodwoof, presented by MARS Petcare, is a grand celebration of all things dog held on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 May 2022, in the grounds of The Goodwood Estate.

Tickets for the most anticipated dog event of the year are on sale from just £30.

Call 01243 216610 or visit for admission and further information and keep up to date by following @goodwoofdogs across Instagram and Facebook.

Guests can watch world class displays or simply enjoy dog walks around the estate.

Hounds at The Kennels
Hounds at The Kennels

Wellbeing areas will provide a host of treatments, nutrition and holistic and conventional therapies including talks and demonstrations from the best in the industry.

Contact Zimmer Stewart Gallery for any enquiries about Dog at Goodwood by Holly Frean.


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