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Christmas Mixed Exhibition @TheVic

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

We are pleased to present our first Pop Up Exhibition since leaving our gallery space of 18 years.

The venue is The Victoria Institute, 10 Tarrant Street, Arundel, BN18 9DG.

You can find out more about the venue and our exhibition on The Victoria Institute's website here.

You can also read about this Pop Up on Visit Arundel.

Our Christmas Mixed Exhibition starts on Saturday 13 November and runs to 21 December.

We will be open from Tuesdays to Sundays, 11am-4pm and by appointment at other times.

COVID is still with us, so please wear a mask when in the gallery space to protect yourselves, our staff and other visitors.

Autumn has always been a favourite time for us at Zimmer Stewart Gallery and our November and December programme of exhibitions reflected this.

In November 2019 we exhibited Nick Bodimeade's new 'River to Sea' series of paintings.

November 2018 saw a return to the gallery of Holly Frean with her 'Holly's Ark' exhibition.

And in November 2017 we launched twelve new small bronzes in a solo exhibition of paintings, prints and sculpture by Giles Penny.

Now in 2021, we are excited to return to exhibiting with a pop-up at the Victoria Institute from Saturday 13 November to 21 December (Tuesdays to Sundays, 11am-4pm & by appointment at other times).

This will be an evolving exhibition, as we rehang to replace sold items and introduce new items as there weeks go by.

The artists whose work we will feature include:

Below we provide a virtual exhibition of each artists' work with a short introduction to each of them.

See also, our online Editions Shop with a full selection of available editions by these artists and many more.

Then at the bottom we provide several ways that you can get in touch.


Nick Bodimeade

Nick Bodimeade is a well known Sussex based painter and printmaker, he also teaches (currently at West Dean College).

He is seemingly able to present his subjects with the minimum amount of information. Outlines are created with "negative painting" where the background is painted around the objects/figures. Light also plays a pivotal role in the works, with shadows and highlights, with expressive use of paint and colour.

Kate Boucher

Kate Boucher also reached at West Dean College, thought now based in Wales.

Her evocative charcoal works are created in response to landscapes that are in some way, transitional. These landscapes are recorded in the liminal states of twilight and daybreak, where the separation seems thinner between the real, the sensed and the remembered.

Nick Carrick

For Nick Carrick the process of paintings plays a big part: As a starting point he makes a fast expressive fluid painting capturing chance aspects within the paint and brush work. He then adds multiple layers, reinforces the image and then distorts it through washes of paint. When dry he will then sand the surface down and add bleach.

This process is a physical manifestation of the memory working. Only certain things can be seen, Nick Carrick compares this to searching for gold or excavation for a treasure to be found underneath the layers.

Andrew Churchill

Andrew Churchill's artist references come from Alberto Giacometti and Frank Auerbach, and you can see evidence of both in his paintings, brush marks and use of paint.

His paintings are deeply personal, he says "I paint what cannot be said" continuing "Every object and colour and composition is in some way symbolic, although I am perfectly happy to be the only one who knows what and why!".

A large part of Andrew Churchill's output is self portrait, still life and interiors, often with repeated motifs (circles/curves), colour palette (bold almost clashing) and artist references (Van Gogh flowers).

Patrick Edgeley

Patrick Edgeley cre­ates limited edition contemporary Pop Art screen prints that employ bold, hand drawn text and imagery. Americana, signs, packaging and pop culture are a great influence in these hand printed works.

A love for all things typographical can be seen through out Edgeley's screen prints, something that stems from his many years work as a graphic designer. The screen prints are produced in short, limited edition runs.

He says “My work has changed direction in recent years to now include collaging of imagery mixed with panels of colour. As always I’m inspired by the 20th century, especially Americana. It’s optimism for space travel, the latest gadget or quirky packaging promoting artificial flavours and radiation and of course not forgetting its fantastic colourful, kitsch packaging."

Giles Penny

Giles Penny's focus of expression is the human form, which acts as a vehicle to explore the interaction between physical and abstract worlds and often portrays an innocent humorous quality.

The nature of his figures remains eternally elusive. His paintings are instantly recognisable to anyone familiar with his sculpture.

Giles Penny says “I don’t like being limited to just one medium, I work on several pieces at once until something is complete. I am driven by the feeling that my next piece of work will be my finest, but when I reflect on my work over the past forty years I’ve found it’s the idea in conjunction with the making that completes the experience.”

Phil Tyler

Phil Tyler is an accomplished, expressive painter and printmaker based in Sussex.

Tyler has written several books on drawing the nude and the landscape, he teaches at Brighton University and has regularly appeared on Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year and Landscape Artist of the Year.

He is a popular and prolific painter and printmaker, whose subjects include self-portrait, the downs, interior 'miss en scene' and most recently 'Flowers'.

Johnny Woodford

Johnny Woodford studied Fine Art at Brighton University (BA hons) in 1988 and has since produced a wide range of sculpture, furniture and objects in addition to many garden specific pieces with garden designers Cleve West and Andy Sturgeon (helping him win gold at Chelsea Garden Show in 2019).

He has a reputation for producing avant garde and innovative sculpture in reclaimed wood and/or fallen trees (oak, cedar and elm).

Among his output and his many commissions are seven seats for Queens Park, Brighton; Various show gardens at the Hampton Court Flower Show; Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden plus numerous private commissions.

Johnny Woodford works mainly to commission, so please contact us to find out more.


Do Contact the gallery if you would like to arrange a viewing of any of these works....... can:

  • Call us on 07901 677933,

  • Email

  • Complete our online contact form

  • Use our 'Live Chat' on any website page

  • Direct Message us on Instagram or Twitter

  • Drop into our pop-up @TheVic, Tarrant Street, Arundel from 13 November.

  • Arrange a home viewing on selected items within the South East


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