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Christmas 2023 @TheVic

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

From 1 to 23 December we are presenting a varied exhibition of paintings, prints and sculpture by a range of both emerging and established artists at The Victoria Institute, Tarrant Street, Arundel.

We will be open from 10-5 on Tuesdays to Sundays, closed on Mondays.

Contemporary artists taking part include: Matt Bodimeade, Nick Bodimeade, Holly Frean, Tom Hammick, Giles Penny, Emma Rimer, Phil Tyler.

It would not be one of our Christmas Exhibitions without a selection of pewter ware by award winning sculptor Fleur Grenier.

See below for more on each of these contemporary artists.

There will also be established artist editions from Peter Blake, Patrick Caulfield and Howard Hodgkin. See Peter Blake's Olympic Symbol screen print above.

We are very happy to support The Sussex Snowdrop Trust and sell their current range of Christmas cards. 100% of the money goes to this unique charity providing 'Nursing care at Home' for local children who have a life threatening or terminal illness.

In Matt Bodimeade's south down landscape paintings you get a sense of man's mark on the land. This might be a flint wall, a track or a barn as well as the natural shape of the land, fields and rivers.

The bold compositions are presented in bright vivid colours and strong forms.

The works are carefully drawn, often from charcoal sketches made out in the fields not far from Arundel.

Nick Bodimeade's latest paintings feature cows in fields, a subject he touched on briefly in 2010 in his first 'Herd' paintings.

He is seemingly able to present his subjects with minimal information. Outlines are created with negative painting and some elements missed out.

This leaves the viewer to appreciate the images as presented but without any loss of understanding.

Award winning, Holly Frean is known for her quirky, humorous take on the subjects she paints whether it is well known figures from art history, zoological animals or, as in this exhibition, dogs.

Her imagination and versatility have recently led to coveted textile, ceramic and wallpaper collaborations with Burberry, Paul Smith and US clothing and retail brand Anthropologie.

Tom Hammick describes his work as a metaphor to explore an imaginary and mythological dreamscape.

As Julian Bell wrote in 'Wall Window World', his book on Tom Hammick: The world is always more than you can see

This is an apt description of Tom Hammick’s paintings and prints, they are bold and joyful but at the same time they look at subjects which could be seen as tender or anxious.

His works are informed by a passion for poetry, opera, film, wonderment for the environment and deepest concerns around climate

Man in Robe, cast bronze by Giles Penny, 24 cm high, edition of 14
Man in Robe, cast bronze by Giles Penny, 24 cm high, edition of 14

Giles Penny's focus is the human form, which acts as an often humorous vehicle to explore the interaction between physical and abstract worlds.

The nature of his figures remains eternally elusive and are instantly recognisable to anyone familiar with his sculpture.

Giles Penny says “I don’t like being limited to just one medium, I work on several pieces at once until something is complete. I am driven by the feeling that my next piece of work will be my finest, but when I reflect on my work over the past forty years I’ve found it’s the idea in conjunction with the making that completes the experience”

Emma Rimer is inspired by the beauty and random forms of nature, these studies, looking through wild meadows at low level, have wonderful vigour. She paints with brushes, fingers, rags to create the sense of spontaneity that jumps out of her work. The paintings are a mix of acrylic and oil built up and textured over multiple layers.

Emma’s delightful sense of colour and intensity and the naturalness and freedom of her work takes the viewer to a beautiful and carefree place.

Phil Tyler is a painter and printmaker who is seemingly able to approach almost any subject with ease. His works cover still life, figures, self portrait and landscapes.

His current works look at trees in the landscape in bright, autumnal colours.

These new works are mostly painted as studies in series on board, but have the depth and content of much larger works.

Fleur Grenier

Cast pewter mistletoe by Fleur Grenier
Cast pewter mistletoe by Fleur Grenier

Fleur Grenier's passion for pewter began when she was completing her degree at Sir John Cass, and then on to The Royal College of Art, for her M.A on the Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalwork and Jewellery.

Fleur Grenier designs and makes contemporary pewter homeware, as well as sculpture and Christmas decorations.

All of her designs are individual and sculptural in style.

Here are some examples of the Christmas Cards we will have for sale during the exhibition.

The last image, 'Finishing Touches' is blank inside and can be used as notelets. This image was created by Arundel artist/photographer, Celia Henderson.

Contact us if you have any questions about the artists on show or any from our website whose work you would like to see.


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