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Call for Artists
Latest Update: 30 Artists shortlisted from 180 submissions

King Edward VII's Hospital is an independent charitable hospital with a unique heritage of Royal and Military Patronage. Their commitment to outstanding patient care dates back to 1899, when sisters Agnes and Fanny Keyser devoted themselves and their home to caring for sick and wounded officers returning from the Second Boer War.


In early 2022, a new Medical Centre was opened opposite the main hospital to offer a world class facility for diagnostic services and out patient care. 


From February 2022, shortly after the Centre opened, the hospital placed artwork over the six floors of the new Medical Centre by six emerging London artists in non-clinical public areas.


This was well received by both clients and staff alike – full details of this with images are on our Blog post here.


The hospital have now completed second phase for 2023, widening the scope of the ‘exhibition’ in all senses of the word. They/we were looking for a broad range of works (mediums/genres/styles) by a diverse range artists to submit works.

You can see the ten artists chosen here. 

The 14 selected works were hung at the Medical Centre at the end of January 2023.


Contemporary Art in Hospitals

For many decades hospital managers have understood the need for good contemporary art in hospitals.


As with many other settings (offices, conference centres etc) the placement of art serves a purpose beyond merely decorating a space.

This primary purpose is important, art chosen needs to 'fit' the space and not be overwhelming.

The artwork also needs to serve to:

  • Promote and reinforce the culture, standards and aims of the organisation

  • Create a distraction and provoke discussion (see more below)

  • Show that the organisation supports living artists and so builds goodwill

Why Art Matters

Research has shown that art can:


  • Ease anxiety, stress and depression for both patients and staff

  • Shorten length of stay in hospitals for patients

  • Reduces the need for painkilling medication

  • Increase staff morale and encourage team building

  • Improve communication between patients and staff, and between staff members.


And so enhance overall the experience for all users of the building as well as improve patient care outcomes.


Phenomenal Response

Zimmer Stewart Gallery is working with King Edward VII’s Hospital in London to source and select approximately twenty works of art to be exhibited for a period of at least twelve months in the new Medical Centre on Beaumont Street, Marylebone, London, W1.


All works selected will be rented from the artist, and are planned to be hung on 28/29 January 2023.

The Call for Artists ran throughout August and September 2022, we had submissions from 180 artists with 680 artworks in a range of mediums.

From these 30 shortlisted artists/114 artworks were presented to the King Edward VII's Hospital Art Panel in November.


They have now selected the 14 works by 10 artists for the 2023 Exhibition. Full details will be posted here once all the artists have been notified.

Image shows some examples of the works shortlisted..

Current Steps

Zimmer Stewart Gallery prepared a presentation for the King Edward VII Hospital Art Panel in November 2022.

The Art Panel is made up of Hospital directors, consultants and employees as well as patient group representatives.

The Art Panel made the final choices for the works to be selected.

We have now notified the successful artists that their work has been selected for the 2023 Exhibition at the new medical centre.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please do Contact Us.

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