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Nick Bodimeade

Contemporary Painter and Printmaker

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Nick Bodimeade is a landscape painter & printmaker, his Sussex landscape paintings are inspired by views of Sussex and he views them much as William Kent the famous 18th century garden designer.

William Kent had a vision that all landscape should be viewed as a classical painting remarking that 'all gardening is landscape painting', with sympathetic arrangements to maximise the artistic effects of shape, light and colour.

As Horace Walpole famously quoted, Kent was 'born with a genius to strike out a great system from the twilight of imperfect essays. He leaped the fence, and saw that all nature was a garden.'

Composition is important in all of these works, Nick Bodimeade encourages the viewer to move his/her eye over the painting using diagonals, horizontals, negative/positive space as well as focal points.

Nick Bodimeade is seemingly able to present his subjects with the minimum amount of information.
Outlines are created with "negative painting" where the background is painted around the objects/figures.

Light also plays a pivotal role in the works, with shadows and highlights, with expressive use of paint and colour.

The paintings above are from his current body of work: Herd and Windblow.

Nick Bodimeade has extensive teaching and advisory experience at a number of UK art colleges at Foundation, HND, BA and MA levels: Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College; University College Chichester; Canterbury Christchurch University College; Amersham & Wycombe College; Northbrook College, Worthing & North Oxfordshire College of Art and Design, Banbury.

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