3-26 April 2014.

We are pleased to present the last Zermatt Swiss mountain, alpine paintings that Piers Ottey will paint. 

All completed in 2014, these spectacular paintings are the final ones from a  series begun 6 years ago.

Painted in meticulous detail, as with his city scenes, these works reflect the drama of the landscape with skies that you only see from the tops of mountains!

Marc Steene, co-director Pallant House Gallery says:

“Ottey deliberately charts and reveals the process and thinking that goes into each of his paintings, detailing each colour as it is painted as a margin to his work. He willingly reveals the inner symmetries and relationships he has discovered whilst he creates the architecture for his paintings; two crossing diagonals may mark the centre of painting or lead the eye to a particular colour or form. There is a knowledge of tradition and the classical in his compositions, he cites Coldstream and Uglow as influences and often uses the golden section and other mechanics to hold a painting together. When questioned Ottey explains that he finds compositions simple but the process complex, though this might be because the compositions come easily to him and that the process is a longer and harder journey.”

Image shows Big Snow - oil on linen 90 x 150 cm

Piers Ottey Oil on canvas

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