Andrea Schulewitz:

The C Word

till 25 October

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The bulk of her work in the past has been composed of squares, circles and crosses.


Their significance and symbolism involves religion, light, colour, things both man-made and from the natural environment.


She says of her main work (large sculpture e.g. The Reckless Kiss, 2 m high in corten steel - see right), as involving a “ triumvirate of practical, philosophical and aesthetic elements”.

Andrea Schulewitz's 2014 Exhibition is a Collection of works joined by the letter "C".
The "Climate Series of graphite drawings on paper (relating to Confluence, Convergence, etc), also on paper, are art felt works: Car Park, Crowd (etc), Circle and Cross, a large acrylic painting on board and the Calvin Cycle series, smaller heavy impasto oil on board pieces.