Bobbie Rainbow by Peter Blake

Bobbie Rainbow by Peter Blake

A lithograph on tin, published in 2001, 67 x 45 cm in an edition of 2000. This piece is framed in a red painted frame.


Pallant House Gallery collaborated with the artist Peter Blake to create this multiple. The edition was part of the ‘Art For All’ ethos inspired by the ‘Sickert to the Sixties’ exhibition of prints and multiples at the Gallery in 2001.


Bobbie Rainbow is the fictional daughter of Babe Rainbow, herself a fictitious lady wrestling character created by Peter Blake in 1968 (and the subject of a similar Lithograph on tin edition, created for the BIBA store, in 1968), who in turn was the daughter of the infamous Doktor K. Tortur. Bobbie’s father is unknown, but she was born during 1976, when Babe was living and wrestling in New York (for a brief period in 1973 she was the world champion), and her most likely father is Ebony Superman, who was also world champion at that time.


Bobbie is wearing the championship belts, and famous leather hat passed on to her by Babe, when she retired from the ring in 1989. She is currently wrestling in the U.S.A. and around the world. Bobbie bears an uncanny resemblance to her mother.


This is a magnificent opportunity to own an original and highly sought-after piece by one of the greats of the British Pop Art movement.