Miles  Bodimeade

Miles Bodimeade mainly carves directly into stone and wood to bring out the form hidden inside the raw material.


He enjoys the feeling of resistance and how Portland stone reacts in a different way to say, Bath stone, or that walnut has a different character and reaction to the chisel than oak or cedar.


There is a constant gamble with the material: take too much off and that’s an end to it.


Some recent sculptures are modelled directly in concrete. You need to work swiftly as there’s a small window of opportunity before the cement sets. Like the carving, you only get one go.


The "Head" sculptures have an immediate visual impact, they have strong forms, rich colour which is made more complex by relief cast shadows.


Some are wall mounted allowing them to be seen against an uncluttered background, rarely the case for sculpture in the round. Wall mounting also enabling more shadow to come into play- enhancing object quality. Nature of the subject matter encourages reading - viewers understand the language of faces, masks, expressions etc.


So not art that makes people feel stupid or that they have no understanding.

Miles Bodiemeade says "The Masks play with viewpoint, sometimes you are looking at the masks, sometimes you are through the mask to a landscape or from an aerial view. Sometimes a combination of of viewpoints and layers of meaning."

Miles Bodimeade likes that gamble involved in making art work: you commit to a line and can’t fuss about. Some concrete sculptures are sprayed with car paint which gives the rugged material a sensual, tactile quality.


His work is figurative and he abstracts the human form to a greater or lesser degree depending on the idea or the theme he’s expressing. The sculptures are often a combination of curves and edges, sweeping lines and abrupt changes. Sensual curves are balanced with sharp angles.


Sculptures and drawings by Miles Bodimeade have been exhibited widely within the UK (including Roche Court, England and Co and the Mall Galleries) and USA (On the Wall Gallery, New York). His 2.5 ton bronze “Arm Wrestler” was commissioned for Gun Wharf Quays in Portsmouth.


His work is in many collections in the UK and abroad including Rexam plc and NBC television New York.


As a television scriptwriter Miles Bodimeade has written 23 episodes of the BBC drama series “Doctors”.

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