Ian Woodard

Ian Woodard graduated from the Music and Visual Art BA at Brighton University in 2003, winning the Burt Brilland Cardens prize for outstanding artistic achievement.


During his undergraduate degree he lived in New York State studying sculpture and metal-work at Alfred University.


After graduating Ian Woodard quickly built up a reputation for his cast sculptures and paintings at art fairs and galleries across England.


Ian Woodard now lives and works in Bologna, Italy, forging ties with local artists. His works include bronze and alluminium castings, sketches and paintings.


His paintings are influenced by existentialism, the belief that philosophical thinking begins with the human subject.  In his work he invites the viewer to question the relationship between subject matter and value systems, principles of conduct.


As an avid consumer of media, in particular documentation on geopolitics, conflict and economics, Ian Woodard draws on material from a variety of sources including news media and Instagram, but alwasy with a strong human presence.


The resultant paintings are then constructed from multiple sources and so are fabrications, new compositions. Through abstraction and collage the narrative changes and so the viewer may be confused or will come up their own ideas of what the painting is about based on their own experiences, knowledge and background.


This ambiguity is meant to remove the overt message from individual imagery that could be narrowly construed as the single artist’s message in each work.


Ian Woodard does not want his work to be seen as shock value or voyeuristic, but statement of fact, almost documentary.


29 Tarrant Street, Arundel,

West Sussex, BN18 9DG

Tel: 01903 882063

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