Focus on Printmaking

A mixed exhibition featuring some of the best

contemporary printmakers

30 September to 28 October 2017

This October we take a look at Original Prints and some of the most innovative and creative artists who made them.


Original prints are not reproductions, they are original works of art, conceived and created by an artist who is deliberately using his chosen medium to create an effect which could not be achieved any other way. As such they have a vitality and clarity which reproductions (giclee or otherwise) rarely achieve. Some Original Prints are published with or alongside an "Artist Book", we have a selection on hand to view at the gallery on request.


The main processes are etching, lithography, woodcut and screenprinting.


The artist will work directly onto the plate, stone, wood or screen achieving effects that are unique to that process. Once the plate has been used to produce the edition (plus proofs etc), it is destroyed. The prints are then sigend by the artist and numbered.


For more on this subject, see our article on "What is an Original Print?"


To see all the available Original Prints see our online shop.

Born 1936, Patrick Caulfield studied at the Chelsea School of Art (1956 and 1960), and then at the Royal College of Art (1960 to 1963).


He taught at the Chelsea School of Art (1963-71) and had his first one-man exhibition at the Robert Frazer Gallery, London. After this his work has been exhibited extensively including at the Tate (Liverpool 2006 & London 2013). 


In 1965 he was represented at the Biennale des Jeunes, Paris, in 1967 at the international Exhibition of Graphic Art, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia.


His screeprints combine simple graphics with a naive pictorial language, in which personal, social, political and artistic images meet. His work has influenced many contemporary artists including Julian Opie.

Award winning Tom Hammick is one of the few artists working today who is using the techniques (etching, dry point & reduction woodcut) to great effect.


He is always testing himself and pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in subject, size, complexity and medium.


He is well known for his reduction woodcuts - see "Night Sail" image.


We will also feature his Geocentric series of etchings and dry points some incorporating additonal techinues such as chin colle, sugar lift or aquatint.

Sir Terry Frost, RA needs little introduction for his sixty year career establishing him as one of the leading abstractr artists of his generation.


He created just 261 editioned works plus many more monotypes (see Moon Lace I image). 


Working closely with printers Hugh Stoneman, Curwen and Kelpra (amongst others) Frost produced a wealth of etchings, dry points, linocuts, screenprints, woodcuts and lithographs. Often he would use a combination of these techniques or add collage or hand colouring.


Like Tom Hammick, Terry Frost worked seamlessly between painting and printmaking with both disciplines feeding each other. 

Les Chants de Maldoror (The Songs of Maldoror) is a hand coloured etching by Eduardo Paolozzi.  The title derives from a poetic novel (or a long prose poem) consisting of six cantos. 


It was written and published between 1868 and 1869 by the Comte de Lautréamont, the pseudonym of the Uruguayan-born French writer Isidore-Lucien Ducasse. 


Many of the surrealists (Salvador Dalí, André Breton, Antonin Artaud, Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Max Ernst, etc.) during the early 20th century cited the novel as a major inspiration to their own works.


Paolozzi was a pionneer of Pop Art in the 1960's. His prints are characterised by Pop culture references and technological imagery.

Jake and Dinos Chapman are known for their shocking works.


During the mid-1990s, their sculptures were included in the YBA showcase exhibitions "Brilliant!" and "Sensation".


In 2003, the two were nominated for the annual Turner Prize but lost out to Grayson Perry.


"I Do Not Recall Distinctly When It Began I & II" are a pair of photgravure etchings which are based on reworked illustrations from colouring books. Jake and Dinos Chapman deliberately play off childhood innocence against the macabre and the sinister.

Gary Goodman is a Sussex based painter, printmaker and poet. He produces images and writes with a resounding directness - the figure at the forefront, unbothered by artistic self-consciousness, ego and politeness.


This produces work of intense human understanding that belongs to a lineage of artists that include Jean Dubuffet, Vincent van Gogh, EL Kirchner and Edvard Munch.


He is a prolific dry point printmaker, often adding roughly torn pieces of paper as chin colle.


Gary Goodman also produces screenprints with Artizan Edtitions, such as this one callled simply "Lunchtime".

Nick Bodimeade is a painter & printmaker of everyday life, the familiar, often intimate scenes we all see. That is not to say the paintings are commonplace; his subjects include structures, beach scenes, dogs and lorries.


These are chance, random and perhaps unexpected sights.


He makes woodcuts, dry point and etchings (often with chin colle) in small editions - see T,A & R a dry point with chin colle.

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