David Auborn

David Auborn's paintings are a response to his instincts and to "make sense of what it is to be here on the earth right now".


His love of paint, the act of painting and all its processes form the basis of his practice, and the way it can not only mimic but also parallel our relationships with the world and with each other.


Subjects for Auborn's works spans a wide range of apparently disparate strands, including cell behavior, human interaction, the weights and stresses of large buildings and structures. In my work, the act of applying and manipulating paint is a close metaphor for the tugs and demands of life, whether this is purely material or representing psychological and emotional pulls.


Painting has the abillity to absorb all aspects of society and in doing so reinvent and contradict itself accordingly, particularly important in our current digital age with barrages of new technology and information. This quality of the medium is one of the things that attracts Auborn  most to using paint and contributes to his belief that paintings are quintessentially honest and human.


Through painting he enjoys how all aspects of culture he encounters directly or indirectly inform his practice, and reveals in the work and its processes an idea of how he perceives the world personally and globally, but also how painting relates to the wider world too.


He says "This journey of discovery and potential motivates and fascinates me as an artist."

29 Tarrant Street, Arundel,

West Sussex, BN18 9DG

Tel: 01903 882063

or call/text: 07901 677933


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