Andrea Schulewitz

Andrea Schulewitz has an interest in both art and design: She says of the two disciplines “design is for others, it’s about problem solving, art is for oneself, it’s harder because it needs to clearly reflect what one observes, understands and feels about life; this means digging deep and that’s difficult“.


From this we might think that Andrea Schulewitz’s process of creating art is intensely complicated, but she continues simply, “for me art is a visual language and each new body of work develops its own narrative style, sometimes literal, or abstract, often conceptual …… most of it readable I hope!”


The bulk of her work in the past has been composed of squares, circles and crosses: Their significance and symbolism involves religion, light, colour, things both man-made and from the natural environment.

She says of her main work (large sculpture e.g. The Reckless Kiss), as involving a “triumvirate of practical, philosophical and aesthetic elements”.


Andrea Schulewitz's new 2014 Exhibition is a collection of works joined by the letter "C": the "Climate Series of graphite drawings on paper (relating to confluence, convergence, etc), also on paper, are the water colours Car Park, Crowd (etc), the Circle and Cross, a large acrylic painting on board and the Calvin Cycle series, smaller heavy impasto oil on board pieces. 


Andrea’s design work over 30 years has included work on a number of notable modern and historic buildings and has been rewarded by two prestigious architectural awards. 


Her career as an artist building a firm reputation spanning nearly 40 years has also rewarded her with numerous drawing and print awards and her work being exhibited in notable galleries nationwide and in London.

29 Tarrant Street, Arundel,

West Sussex, BN18 9DG

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