Lucy Ralph

Contemporary Painter

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Lucy Ralph considers her work as hard to place: To those who would like to put her definitively in the pictorial register, she retorts that her gesture is more performative and sculptural than they think. To those who classify her above all as an abstract painter, she replies that she never ceases to represent the body, from every angle.

Where some perceive violence, she objects that she is in search of reparation.

And if you want to concentrate first on the peaceful colours she uses, the pastel pinks, the soft blues, the yellows tempted by grey, you'd better not be fooled: under the pictorial layer, the different layers show through like the experiences that Lucy Ralph has lived without wanting to eradicate them.

She works with oil paint, manipulating it with paint brushes, fingernails, screwdrivers and sometimes even embroidering it. She scratches, erases, rubs and brushes, often hiding fragments of poems or text between several layers. In all her gestures, ambivalence prevails: virulence and aggressiveness rub shoulders with delicacy and care.

Lucy Ralph's work is closely related to the world of hospitals, to the feeling of separation from one’s own body and the need to surrender to the responsibility of others, felt after various operations and medical interventions. But her painting is not the sole expression of the vulnerability of a body that proves to be unreliable; far from it, she also

makes us see the body as genuine armour.