Paul Newland

landscape painting

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Paul Newland grew up, studied (at the Slade School), taught and painted in London, with some foreign interludes.

He is now based in East Sussex and his subjects are landscape and townscape, and where the two meet. He works on site as well as in the studio, combining - he hopes - the observed and the imaginary.

Paul Newland attempts to work fast and finish quickly, but this happens only occasionally. Small works are always started on the spot but not always completed there. Oils and watercolours, even small ones, can go on for a long time in an on/off sort of way.

Paul Newland has served as Vice President of the Royal Watercolour Society and continues to serve as its Honorary Curator.

He has exhibited widely including major exhibitions such as the RA Summer Exhibition, Royal Watercolour Society Annual Exhibition (1990 to present). In 1997 he won 'Best Interior' at the RA Summer Exhibition, and in 2008 the High Casson Drawing Prize.

Paul Newland says "I hope the work speaks for itself. I sometimes paint directly from things but mostly, perhaps, I work from drawings and studies. Often I am trying to combine recollection and imagination with observation, in a single picture."

"I am fascinated by the way we see, for instance, a place – the ways in which our perceptions are overlaid or conditioned by memory, imagination, history and emotion.
Whilst living in Rome I fell in love with the glow of simple, unmixed watercolour, leaving out as much of the water as possible, and laid down in rich washes. The medium was useful for recording changing light and architecture in direct, simple ways."

"Later, I found it useful for making images of clubs and street scenes in London, done from memory; later still, interiors and cityscapes were the subject matter. My use of watercolour became less direct, more complicated and subject to revision."