Emma Hurst

Minimalist Painter

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Emma Hurst, formerly Rimer, studied Graphic Design at Bath Spa University then worked as a graphic designer until 2009 when she started painting full time.

In 2017 Emma Hurst obtained a Graduate Diploma in Visual Arts from West Dean College and in 2019 completed an MA in Fine Arts also from West Dean College.

Although primarily a painter, Emma Rimer has created sculptures and ceramics as well as some etchings.

Emma Hurst says "I create work that explores the power relations that govern the world around us. I am interested in the interaction between society and nature, and the effect humankind has on itself. Through a combination of media including painting, sculpture, projection and installation, I re-frame environments that invite us to consider the possibilities of time that passes and time that has passed.

An interest in the search for ‘balance’ is evident in the way I combine components that deal, on the one hand, with sensitive human nature, and on the other, those that represent instrumental, invented surroundings. Both environments can merge or remain on opposite sides.

My sculptures and installations themselves contain contrasting elements and materials. Some have an industrial character, mirroring a societally derived environment. Shape and form are often extracted from geometry, or anatomy, making links with the natural world and the human body. My approach accentuates the latter by encouraging a physical experience of the work.

Meticulous, freestanding constructions occupy space and suggest possible narratives between their contrasting material elements. I put scale and content into question, raising subtle environmental themes through a stripped down aesthetic and minimal means. The work invites the viewer to participate by creating an intimate atmosphere with which they can physically engage.