Make Your Office A Talking Point.

Many businesses are beginning to appreciate the benefits contemporary art can bring to the office or workplace and the positive effect it can have on staff, clients and other visitors.

The selection and placement of art is a relatively low cost (prices start at less than 100.00), yet effective way to create an instant visual impact in line with other forms of marketing such as corporate identity and print.

So exactly what are the potential benefits of placing art in the workplace?

  • Decoration: Practical, simple and effective.
  • Staff Motivation: Contemporary art can promote debate, and improve communication within the office and improve teambuilding efforts and stimulates thought.
  • Marketing: Your reception area is the first place clients see when they visit you - use this space to communicate the company's vision/values and create an impact.
  • Investment: Use art to re-invest into the business. The amazing thing is that buying 'good' art need not be any more expensive than buying 'bad' art. Why not look into buying a few well chosen pieces by established artists and start a corporate collection.
  • Support for the arts: Through purchasing art from a living artist the company can benefit by building up goodwill amongst employees, clients and the wider community - People will see that the company is one that "gives back".
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    Richard Walker at Canary Wharf

    The services we offer include:

  • Consultancy - Philosophy, planning, budgeting - refine your needs, for one piece or a collection.
  • Selection - Search, shortlist, select, including input from all departments or other consultants.
  • Installation - Framing, hanging and advice on insurance.
  • Commissioning - site or event specific pieces, or to reward a member of staff.
  • One off exhibitions for special events for clients, staff or other groups.
  • Simply buying works of art from us will not involve additional costs. Other services will be charged at a pre-agreed rate.

    See also our Art Rental service, which provides all the benefits set out here without tieing up your capital.

    Have a look at our Artist's Page to browse the painters, sculptors and ceramicists we represent and if you like what you see just contact us to see how we can help your business.

    Image above shows a painting by Richard Walker at Canary Wharf, London.

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