At Zimmer Stewart we understand that it can be difficult to choose items for your wedding guests, family and friends to buy or contribute to; particularly if you already have a toaster, crystal decanter and other useful household goods!

An investment in a work of art therefore could be an ideal way to choose a much more personal gift that will grow in meaning as the years pass.

We pride ourselves on the personal service we provide couples wishing to acquire a piece of art that they will enjoy for many years to come.

This service is not just for weddings, we can create a list or "art fund" for anniversaries, birthdays, retirement or any celebration for which a group of people wish to set one up for!

Here are some quotes from some of our past Gift List clients:

"Everyone comments on our painting" - Eleanor and Richard

"It is something we will treasure forever!" - Heidi and Richard

"We love the fact that all our friends and family contributed to it" - Martin and Jack


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We can set up a gift list registry that is flexible and suits your needs.

The first, and most common way, is for you to choose a work/s of art that you would like, which we reserve for you. Then your guests, family and friends simply contact us to make a contribution to the piece. When the registry is closed we summarise a list of contributors with any special wishes just before the wedding day.

A second way of working is for you to simply ask your guests, family and friends to contribute to an "art fund" from which they will later choose or commission a work of art or several pieces. As with the first method we will summarise a list of contributors with any special wishes.

Either way we want to make your gift list registry as simple as possible both for you, and your guests, friends and family. We create a webpage specifically for you and your guests to see which artist you have chosen and how to contribute.

Have a look at our Artist's Page to browse the painters, sculptors and ceramicists represent and if you like what you see just contact us to book a convenient time to visit us to discuss your Gift List.

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