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Chris Keenan - Ceramic Art
Lidded ceramic jars by Chris Keenan

Chris Keenan will be exhibiting his new Lidded Rounded Jars at Ceramic Art London from 6 April at the Royal College of Art.

This event is organised by the Craft Potters Association, of which Chris Keenan is a Fellow.

Chris Keenan makes beautiful, fine pieces using Limoges porcelain and light celadon glazes, with his signature hakeme marks.

Also exhibiting will be Karen Bunting, with her distinctive blue and grey functional pieces decorated with inscribed circles and stripes.

We have works by both potters and others permanently at the gallery.

28 March 2014

Felix Anaut - France show
Felix Anaut at the Abbaye de Flaran

From 5 April to 1 June, 57 works by Felix Anaut in the private collection of Michael Simonow will be on display at the Abbaye de Flaran near Toulouse, in an exhibition called Ten Years of Abstract Painting 2003-2013.

There are approximately 100 pieces in the collection, both paintings and ceramics, of which 57 will be in this exhibtion.

Over a period of forty years, Michael Simonow has built up a collection of masterpieces by some of the world's greatest artists, including Rubens, Renoir and Monet. He was so taken with the beauty of the Cistercian abbey of Flaran in the Gers région that he then chose to entrust his prestigious, and still-growing, collection to the Gers General Council.

Felix Anaut is one of the few contemporary artists in this vast collection, and the first abstract artist to be represented.

28 March 2014

Tom Hammick News
Semi woodcut by Tom Hammick

In our April Focus on Original Prints, we have several new reduction woodcuts and chin colle dry points by Tom Hammick.

From February 2014 for a year Tom Hammick will be Artist in Residence at the English National Opera, this follows his residencies at Glyndebourne, Art Gallery of Newfoundland and Crear Arts Foundation (Scotland).

During the Summer this year, Jerwood Gallery, Hastings, will present a solo show of his paintings and prints.

In 2015 Lund Humphries will publish a monograph on Tom Hammick's paintings and prints, this will be followed by a museum tour the same year.

28 March 2014

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28 March 2014

Discussion with Anthony Frost

Anthony Frost discusses his new exhibtion with James Stewart including influences on his work, how they develop and how they get their titles. 

Many titles derive from musical sources, including works in this exhibition which are mostly Captain Beefheart album or song titles.

The exhibition runs from 6-29 March.

6 March 2014

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